Atlas Honda CD70

PKR 63,500 Ex Tax: PKR 63,500

Atlas Honda – the most liked Japanese motorbike brand in the country – comes up with the new Honda CD 70 model for the year 2017 with some improved techs and tweaks. It means the staunch fans of Hon..

Ravi 70cc

PKR 39,999 Ex Tax: PKR 39,999

Ravi is one of the 5 motorcycles brands approved by the S&GAD. With all new Japanese technology, Ravi Hamsafar 70 stands as one of the most popular 70cc bikes in the local market. With coil spri..

Road Prince 70cc

PKR 40,900 Ex Tax: PKR 40,900

Road Prince RP 70 has a high resale value against all the 70cc bikes. The road prince RP 70 feels more than comfortable while riding even on rough roads. The speedometer looks stunning with a subtl..

United 70cc

PKR 40,900 Ex Tax: PKR 40,900

United US 70 is a new entrant to the local market and aims to seek buyers’ attention with its competitive price tag. United motorcycles have successfully being serving the needs of a layman with is hi..

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